Works 2003-2011

I had been correct in assuming, that the sculptural works produced the last two years would yield a wealth of new-found techniques. So now, with this new arsenal under my belt, I began to produce a three-dimensional suite of new works, that would culminate in a style I would later name ‘Contourism.’

In 2006 Australian Art Review described my paintings in this manner: ‘Contourism’, The works are high-impact, full colour explorations of flower specimens and sections. Cerlienco’s individual painting method produces a layered and luminous 3-dimensional study of flowers – as if viewed through a macro lens. These unique works are a culmination of Cerlienco’s experimentation and labour, having worked for many years on a very personal method in painting. The technique has been named ‘Contourism’, a method incorporating baroque contour lines, intertwined with the use of complimentary and secondary colour. These lines are contrasted with highlights and shadows, creating a depth of field and dimension seldom encountered in painting.

In effect, the works are first painted in the usual manner, followed by the application of lineal contours (raised off the surface by 2 millimetres or so, which then dries suggesting a distressed surface) and the work is then further painted and enhanced. The resulting effect is quite extraordinary.