This section takes you through the various influences that have inspired me to produce my art over many years. They begin at the point where I have learnt to master charcoal and pastels, to the next phase of the evolution to where I introduce gouache and pastel together into a mixed media form. From there, I begin to develop into the very complicated art form called Egg-Tempera, where egg yolk is mixed with raw pigment to form a beautifully translucent works on specially prepared gesso boards. Finally, I move into the full evolution and dynamism of acrylics.

The next generation of work, all acrylics, show my development within wildlife, portrait, figure study and still-life subject matter.

Then, out of the blue, I decide to create a sculptural series. On a specially made aluminium framework, I begin to carve forms out of dense polyurethane, which I then enhance with clay and industrial products. Once hardened, I overpaint these forms to produce powerful images of a distant era.

Whilst experimenting with these sculptural woks, I discover a technique I never realized could be possible. As I developed this technique further, I find that I can extend the technique into two-dimensional works. I coin the technique ‘Contourism’.

After several years of creating floral studies and some abstract works in this style, I begin another evolution where the contours are no longer produced by raised contour lines as in my very successful previous works, but in colour differentiations between contours, similar to that of topographic maps. I produce a visionary set of studies and paintings. I call these the ‘Kiss’ Series.

Now, having the two contour based methodologies available, I look forward to producing works within both these exciting styles over the next few years.

I hope, that if these images excite your imagination, you follow my journey into the realms of my next artistic adventure!