Original art

In the past, the only place that you could purchase my works were in commercial galleries, in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Things have changed enormously in the last few years, with new technology making the entire planet available to everyone. Embracing this new technology, I have decided to make my works available to any interested party no matter what continent they reside in. If you are from Australia, you are most welcome to contact me via email and purchase a painting, making payment by direct deposit. If you are not from Australia, then I will utilize other online payment methods to facilitate payment.

Available artworks


Over the last few years, whilst working on my painting subject matter, I began to develop some digital flower images that I felt were standouts, both in their striking play-of-colour and in their visual composition. I have made these available for sale, but I am still developing more of these striking floral images and will make them available as they are completed!

Available prints